Centre for Strategic Reforms & Development is an endowed, non-profit organization registered under the Indian Registration Act 1908 located in the Indian state of Jharkhand that strives for the upliftment of the poor and the underprivileged in the society & aims towards promoting education, training & development, health & wellness, agriculture & environment, women empowerment & child development, social & economic growth, arts & culture, scientific studies & research through workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs, case studies, etc. vis-a-vis publishing journals, magazines, occasional papers on socio-economic-cultural and various other emerging issues empowering academicians, business leaders & researchers and many more such cognate areas that call for comprehensive reforms & development in coordination with government agencies, public and private institutions, and other funding agencies.

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Education, Training, and Development

  • To establish all types of educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) to provide general & technical education in areas including engineering, medical, management, agriculture, computer, IT, ITI, arts, science, commerce, vocational courses, skill development, teachers training, yoga, meditation, music, dance, acting, drawing & painting, fine arts, book bank, library, personality development & entrepreneurship development, digital literacy, etc.
  • To provide facilities to the needy and meritorious students by way of grants, scholarships, fees, educational loans, etc.
  • To undertake scientific research, social and economic survey, social impact assessment, need assessment, situational analysis, evaluation of social projects, capacity building, project implementation, and other consultancy services.
  • To organize national/ international summits, seminars, conferences, workshopd, exhibitions, expos, conclaves, etc. on various emerging issues topics from time to time and will give awards, medals, prizes, certificate of excellence/ appreciations, fellowships, etc. to all those individuals, professionals, educational institutions, financial institutions, corporates, start-ups, centre/ state government agencies and all those organizations institutions who have contributed significantly towards nation-building and for their other outstanding services in their respective fields.

Health and Wellness

  • To carry out health awareness programs for the different types of diseases, first aid training, para-medical training, ANM training, mother & child health development, and crèches.
  • To provide health and medical services through mobile clinic for the remote villages (blood donation camps, eye operation camps, etc.)
  • To organize and establish public charitable hospitals for poor and needy people of the remote and urban areas irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, and religion.
  • To spread awareness on prevention, care, and support on HIV/ AIDS and STI.
  • To create awareness about communicable and non-communicable diseases, vector-borne diseases control measures through better hygiene and sanitation. Focusing on purposefully positive health, lifestyle, and a fostering sense of general well-being. Preventive measures to address cancer, cardio-vascular health, obesity, nutrition, diabetes, chemical exposure, accidents and violence, and other potential health threats.

Agriculture and Environment

  • To promote the activities, training, research, and consultancy services of natural resource management with special input to scientific technique of agricultural land, water management, soil conservation, wasteland development, water harvesting, farming and agroforestry, horticulture, floriculture, animal husbandry, seeds/ fertilizer distribution, promoting organic farming, food processing units for optimum use of agriculture produce to improve the condition of farmers and their overall development.
  • To organize environment awareness programs and activities for the conservation of natural resources, environment, ecological aspects, control of pollution, social issues connected to it, and impacts of the human population on the environment.
  • To promote and encourage the application of green energy.

Women Empowerment and Child Development

  • To provide consultancies to various institutions working with women and child development, inculcating entrepreneurship spirit amongst girls and women, promoting micro-enterprises, capacity buildings focusing on literacy, education, widening employment opportunity, training, etc. in the areas like sewing, knitting, dairy farming, farming, poultry farming, fish farming, leaf-plate making, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, and several other craftsmanship activities to improve their economical status.
  • To take all measures to control mother morbidity rate (MMR), infant mortality rate (IMR), anemia, consultancies to enhance the overall health status of girls, women, and children.
  • To promote institutional delivery, use of contraceptives and sanitary napkins among women and adult girls.
  • To promote Equal access to women to health care, quality education at all levels, career and vocational guidance, employment, equal remuneration, occupational health and safety, social security and public life, etc. strengthening legal systems aimed at eliminating all forms of discrimination against women.

Social and Economic Development

  • To improve the quality of life of weaker sections of society in general and unorganized, agriculture workers, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, artisans in particular.
  • To take all measures to eliminate poverty from society, generate employment for unemployed youth, and to take all measures for making good living conditions of the neglected, underprivileged and destitute people.
  • To establish and develop institutions for the physically challenged, disabled, mentally retarded persons to provide them basic education, health, food, clothing, suitable employment, etc. to bring them into the mainstream of society.
  • To establish old age homes for senior citizens, establishment and/ or maintenance of parks, gardens, national monuments, gymnasiums, recreational clubs, sports clubs, dharmsala, night shelters, rest houses, museums, libraries for use by the public in general.

Arts and Culture

  • To promote arts & culture, sports, games, music, dance, drawing & paintings, handicrafts, language, etc.


A Message from the President

Centre for Strategic Reforms & Development is working for the empowerment of economically & socially marginalized sections of the society, committed to addressing the root causes of problems trying to better the quality of life to bring about desirable change.

Though India has been making rapid socio-economic progress, with millions out of poverty, literacy levels going up, life expectancy shooting up, thousands are still bereft of a decent life. Even today, people struggle to get a decent education, health care facilities, and proper opportunities to earn a living. We add more than 40,000 new births to our vast population every day and the majority of these children are born into poor socio-economic strata of society.

Though the government of India is doing a lot, it is still too little considering the vastness of the country.

CSRD is determined to work in the fields of education, training & development, health care, socio-economic reforms, infrastructure development, employment creation, ease of doing business, removal of poverty, illiteracy, child care, and in several other areas in order that we can help more of our country men to lead a better educated, employable and dignified life.

Shyam Krishna Singh

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Shyam Krishna Singh spent thirty three years working as an accomplished HR/ Administrative professional for large public sector undertakings in India. Prior to retirement, he served as a General Manager in Coal India Limited. Post retirement, he served as the Director of Institute of Management Studies in Ranchi University, Regional Director at ASSOCHAM, and more recenenly was a Director in RKDF University.

As founder of the Centre for Strategic Reforms & Development, he brings his passion and wealth of experience in doing social good for the society.


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